As fellow ER owners, enthusiasts, and software developers, SoftwEaR is a software company that creates highly immersive, custom-made software, specially designed for each escape room.
  • cube ui
  • nuclear submarine ui
  • abandoned lab ui
  • train tracks simulation
  • futuristic user interface for player interaction
  • biometric identification system
Custom User Interface
Whether you have a space-station, a nuclear submarine, an abandoned lab, or any other theme, a custom-made software can improve your players immersion and provide them with valuable information about their progress while letting you interact with them in fun and exciting new ways.
Mini Games
  • casino slot machine mini game
  • lasers and mirrors mini game
  • pipes mini game
  • knights moves mini game
  • retro astroids mini game
A Mini game is a great and easy way to add a complex puzzle to your ER. You can use one of our 'out of the box' puzzles or let us integrate your own ideas into this mini-game format.
  • password to output utility
  • hacking utility
  • custom digital combination lock utility
  • hint/players intercation interface
  • video player with overlay utility
Quickly Integrate ready-made software utilities to further diversify player interactions—actions like "hacking" into secret files, logging into a highly secured system or getting hints from artificial intelligence systems.